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KS Productions is the place for creative, targeted, and affordable production in Cleveland. We can help your company sell products or services and grow your brand with video. Our specialties are video branding and educational video. Our style of production makes us the perfect choice to help you deliver your message via video, or broadcast.






Professional Studio Production

Cleveland, Ohio

30300H Solon Industrial Parkway
Solon, Ohio 44139

Phone : 440-349-3977 or 800-348-3909
Fax : 440-349-3995
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Video production:

KS Productions is more than a camera crew or a studio. We work with clients to develop original concepts and produce great content on any budget. We combine creative talent with the latest technology to cover all aspects of production beginning with creative services , graphics, audio and video production, post production, set design and construction, original music, and digital editing. Whether you’re looking for B2B applications or direct to consumer, we can help you deliver your message with video.

What can video branding offer?

Video is an increasingly important part of most marketing whether directed at consumers or other businesses. A cohesive video message that reinforces your company and its products and services can be used to supply product information, for training, or for social media sites. Your customers are looking to be educated about the products and services you offer and for tutorials on how to utilize your product. In addition, many retailers are requesting video content to support products in store and on online. We can help your company find new customers and educate existing clients with video.